Monday, April 26, 2010

I made this calender for a christmas gift. I had printed pictures of the gift receiver and his children on vellum paper, wrote the numbers of the month on card stock underneath and finished off with writing holidays and birthdays on the vellum paper so as to lightly rest on top of the appropriate dates.



birthday project 2010

This 30th birthday project was conceptualized when I was brainstorming on how to incorporate friends from all over the world of the birthday recipient into one entity. I came up with having friends and family complete three sentences involving the birthday recipient. The past "my favorite memory of you is..," the present "one word that best describes you..," and the future "in the next thirty years, i see you..." I picked three different paper textures, designed the layout, had it printed and found a book binder to complete the project. The book ended up being about 60 pages.

louisville magazine fall winter 2008

These are outfits I put together for different honeymoon destinations.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

louisville magazine september 2006

louisville magazine march 2008

louisville magazine bride fall winter 2007

This spread was different outfits a couple might wear for events leading to and after the wedding.

visual merchandising aseana kuala lumpur, malaysia

I was the visual merchandiser for Aseana, which was a high end concept store that included 8 different separate stores carrying South East Asian merchandise from home goods to fashion. Not only was I responsible for each separate store but also the shared walkway in front of the stores that showcased furniture and other goods.

puppies in the snow

Rex and Pirate playing in Kentucky snow

kentucky pancakes and sweet sorghum